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New Energy Automotive Industry To Another Success Friction Stir Welding Equipment Successfully Delivered To Hong Kong-funded Enterprises

Dec 08, 2017

Within 270 days of the delivery of the first two-dimensional friction stir welding equipment, the friction stir welding equipment provided to customers by Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been able to work without interruption for 24 hours a day and run continuously at full capacity. Completion of the other side before the timely completion of the capacity for the terminal automobile group new energy vehicles to escort the smooth listing. As the terminal customers demanded further expansion of production capacity, the Company once again successfully delivered a two-dimensional friction stir welding equipment to a Hong Kong-funded enterprise on April 9, 2016, which successfully proved our equipment manufacturing and technical strength.


The key technical difficulty of this project is the welding of cast aluminum and pure aluminum. After half a year's hardworking by our technicians, we finally achieved 100% qualified aluminum cast aluminum welding products. The products provided by the company are also listed by the terminal automobile manufacturers For inspection-free products.


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