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How To Operate The Automatic Welding Machine To Reduce The Influence Of Corrosion

On the metal surface of the welding operation machine is with the surrounding media directly the chemical or electrochemical effect on this aspect of speaking, it is also the directly damaged phenomenon, which would be called corrosion. In terms of the corrosive effect, in fact, it will directly affect the normal operation of the welding machine surface equipment, but also corrosion to the equipment inside a series of parts. The more common is also will include rainwater and chemicals in the air through a series of mechanical parts and the gap of foreign channels etc. into our internal mechanical, corrosion of the welding operation machine parts, is the emergence of the phenomenon of accelerated wear, and then increase the mechanical fault.

Because of the corrosive effect of the welding operation machine is invisible, the advantage is touched, the terms of the words, it is easier to be ignored, it is also because of this, we should pay attention to its harmfulness is larger than. In the use of the time, on the management and operation personnel, in fact, that is, according to the local weather conditions and air pollution, to take an effective measure. In order to reduce the chemical corrosion effect on the welding operation machine, its key words, is also in order to prevent rainwater and the chemical constituents in the air for invasive devices, this aspect in terms of words, it is to pay attention as much as possible to reduce it in the rain in operation.

At the end of a view, we are in fact is to reduce the influence of impurities on the welding operation machine, impurity of the welding operation machine in terms of words, in fact, is refers to the non metal material and equipment and a series of dust and soil, the use of time on its own terms it is also directly produced a lot of metal chips and its wear products, will affect our normal use.