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High Efficient And Magic Robot Friction Stir Welding Technology

No smoke, no arc, no consumables, low energy consumption This is the friction stir welding (Friction stir welding). Friction stir welding was first proposed by the British Welding Research Institute (TWI) in 1990, is a kind of welding technology which is different from the traditional welding, no smoke, no arc, no protective gas and welding wire in the welding process. Because of its unique technology and its superiority in efficiency, cost and environmental protection, friction stir welding has been widely used in aviation, ship, train, IT and other industries.

Friction stir welding is a solid state joining method under the action of mechanical force and frictional heat. As shown in Figure 1, the pin while rotating the workpiece into the joints, rotate the head (mainly shoulder) and friction between the workpiece and the welding heat, in front of the materials with strong plastic deformation, and then as the head of mobile, highly plastic deformation of the material gradually deposited behind the mixing head thus, the formation of weld.