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Small Two-dimensional Friction Stir Welding Equipment

Dec 08, 2017

Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. production of small two-dimensional friction stir welding equipment is a suitable for a variety of aluminum and various non-ferrous metal alloy friction stir welding equipment, it has versatility, reliability, welding High efficiency, easy operation and so on. This kind of equipment has the highest welding capacity of up to 25mm, welding coverage area of 1m × 1.5m, at the same time can achieve two-dimensional curve welding. While assuring welding, the device is also equipped with a variety of other assistive functions such as constant pressure control of welding, laser tracking, compaction with welding, video surveillance, product water cooling and other functions to help achieve better welding. Welding materials covering various types of aluminum, copper alloy, lead alloy, magnesium alloy, etc., according to different welding materials, equipment can be equipped with different types and specifications of the mixing head. Equipment equipped with Siemens CNC system and the appropriate man-machine interface, human-computer interaction reasonable and comfortable for a long time control work.


At present, this kind of equipment has been widely used in various fields, including electronic water-cooled panels, radiators, new energy vehicle battery chassis, aircraft siding and so on. Equipment sold to East China, South China Central China and other customers, and has been widely praised. At present, after the improvement of equipment technology and management, the delivery period of equipment is greatly shortened, meanwhile, the cost also drops sharply, and the annual output is gradually increased. Under the leadership of technical team, the technology of equipment is increasingly mature and the quality is also consolidated and upgraded gradually The equipment into a domestic friction stir welding industry's star products.

Company promises, we will be good quality and satisfactory prices, dedicated service to the broad masses of old and new customers, live up to all sectors of the community for our heavy expectations.

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