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Equipment Companies To Participate In 2016 China Transportation Equipment (Automotive) Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Applications Cooperation Summit

Dec 08, 2017

On January 14, 2016 (3rd) China Light Industry & Equipment (Automobile) Lightweight Technology - Aluminum Alloy Application Cooperation Summit co-hosted by Guangxi South-South Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. and China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association was grandly opened in Nanning, Guangxi . The summit aims to create a lightweight technology solutions for automotive applications - the upstream and downstream platform for the application of aluminum alloy materials exchange dialogue, including the assembly of Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., EBNER Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., JAC Motors AG, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. , Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangdong and wins aluminum companies, including a number of companies involved in the event.

The summit invited many relevant leaders, experts, technicians and other celebrities to give keynote speeches and share experience and achievements in light weight applications of aluminum alloy materials through various forms such as speeches and discussions in salons. Equipment company as the domestic authority of the friction stir welding, friction stir welding equipment professional development of manufacturers, led by General Manager Yang Guoshun attended the summit, and by the auspicious craft division entitled "friction stir welding lightweight connection in the car Technology application "report speech. Not only introduced the friction stir welding technology background and the development of our company, more in-depth discussion of the friction stir welding technology in automotive lightweight connection heavy difficulties and solutions.

The summit enterprises generally focus on the unique performance of aluminum alloy materials and automotive aluminum technology exchange, exchange and interaction with the participants of the equipment company, cooperation and negotiation, not only greatly expanded the enterprise in the transportation equipment aluminum alloy industry Visibility and influence, but also allow equipment companies on the future of lightweight transport solutions have a more accurate grasp, I believe this summit will be equipment companies and friends in all walks of life to deepen their feelings and promote exchanges and common progress of the bridge and link, Let both parties realize the win-win development in communication.


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