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China's First Rocket Friction Stir Welding Technology With Advanced International Delivery

China's first large ring joint butt friction stir welding equipment in the eight plant of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the completion of the development of the plant, and the delivery of the use of the workshop 149. The equipment can be in the same position for large multi barrel rocket tank section and the bottom of the clamping movement, face milling, positioning, friction stir welding and quality control, the overall performance and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, provide advanced and reliable, with independent intellectual property rights is the key for the realization of high-end equipment friction welding rocket tank full mixing.

At present, the first one is to realize the friction stir welding of the total butt joint of the rocket tank, and the first one is to integrate a wide range of multi-function, the largest volume of friction stir welding equipment." According to aerospace engineering equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Qiao Ruwang introduced in the advanced industrial countries such as USA and Japan, friction welding technology has gradually replaced the previous welding process of mixing, milling, large space structure key clamping and welding composite processing technology and equipment integration of CNC is firstly obtained from industrial applications in these countries.

Although the friction stir welding technology research and equipment development in China started later than some advanced industrial countries, but the gap is not large. In the new generation launch vehicle development demand traction, after years of efforts, 149 plants and 211 plants gradually explore the friction welding equipment and process of mixing part in Rocket Tank tube longitudinal seam, longitudinal and circumferential seams and other aerospace products have been used widely and successfully pushed to electronics, electric power, ships, railway vehicles and other industries.