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To build an intelligent welding center for the future

Apr 26, 2017

The equipment flexibility, technology diversification, product batch has become the direction of China stirring friction welding industry, advanced welding technology, flexible welding, mass production and other advantages in a friction stir welding robot, to meet the direction of industrial development, will become the trend of China friction stir welding technology and equipment development. Based on this, in July 8, 2013, the China Aviation Industry in the manufacture of the first robot friction stir welding system promotion will be the first robot friction welding engineering center inaugurated. The day before, the reporter walked into the aviation industry manufacturing robot friction stir welding engineering center, and interviewed the center for Dr. Dong Chunlin (researcher). For the future of intelligent welding center is the most appropriate description of the center of the project can be thought of.

Birth to the future

Turning to the center of friction stir welding engineering center was established, Dr. Dong Chunlin believes that this is the aviation industry to adapt to the future of intelligent manufacturing automation technology and equipment for the development of a major initiative.

From the development trend of the national manufacturing industry, the labor costs are getting higher and higher. Aerospace, automotive, marine, rail transportation, electric power, metallurgy and other industries are also more and more demand of green manufacturing lightweight high friction welding technology and flexible friction stir welding equipment industry will become the key components of the product key to realize green light and efficient mixing of advanced lean production. If the industrial robot and friction stir welding of the two technology well combined, can better play the advantages of friction stir welding of the green welding method, to achieve high quality space for complex structure product welding manufacturing and mass production, which will further enhance the friction stir welding operation flexibility and applicability, there are for friction stir welding of professional and technical development, deepen technical services, friction stir welding equipment in the high-end market, the formation of technology, equipment, market advantage.

The status quo affects the future

As a new field of technology, what are the advantages of aircraft manufacturing industry for the development of friction stir welding engineering center? Dr Dong Chunlin said: "since 2002, China aviation industry manufacturing and British Welding Institute set up China friction stir welding center, the same year the aviation industry manufacturing set up a wholly-owned Beijing match Forster Technology Co. Ltd., friction stir welding has been developed for 12 years in China. In the basic research of friction stir welding, the development of welding technology, the development and application of special equipment, many achievements have been made in china. In the past 12 years, the achievements made in the field of friction stir welding in aviation industry have laid a solid foundation for the development of friction stir welding engineering center. In addition, to improve the aviation industry manufacturing technology system, a number of advanced manufacturing technology to achieve the engineering application, especially in the development of five axis CNC machining equipment and digital manufacturing field has achieved fruitful results, the development of these will strongly support the stirring friction welding robot engineering center."