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The quality inspection of the friction stir welding joint and the establishment of the process standard

Apr 26, 2017

Although the friction stir welding technology in the aerospace industry, high-speed trains, ships and light vehicles and other fields has been more and more widely used; in the joint quality, adopts many advanced NDT methods, such as ultrasonic phased array detection technology; however, the world has not developed the friction welding joint quality inspection standard and inspection process the standard uniform mixing, only the enterprise internal standard enterprise technology. In view of Chinese, friction welding technology is used to expand the mixing, China friction stir welding center the first established the first friction stir welding technology enterprise standards, "friction welding quality inspection standard mixing aluminum and Aluminum Alloy" (Beijing Research Institute of Aviation Engineering, Q/9S103-2004) and "standard stirring friction welding process of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy" (Q/9S102-2004).

These two standards are based on the research results of friction stir welding technology, which is the basic research project of china. In this paper, the friction stir welding process of LF6, LD10, S147 aluminum alloy was completed in the center of friction stir welding in china. The simulation has been tested by the pressure test, fully meet the design requirements. Therefore, the formulation of the two standards is of great practical significance.