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Friction stir welding equipment using multi joint robot

Hitachi power solutions company and Japan Try Engineering company (Headquarters: Nagoya) Co developed the excellent quality of friction stir welding (FSW) of the general multi joint robot. This kind of robot has the characteristics of low cost, high universality. The sales target is the automatic production line of automobile related manufacturers and aluminum products manufacturers. Reservation sales began in April 2016, the price of 2000 yen to 30 million ideas (excluding tax), as Hitachi power solutions company sales.

In recent years, in the automotive, aircraft and other transportation related fields, lightweight demand increasingly strong. In particular, in order to further improve the combustion efficiency, increasing the use of aluminum alloy materials. In this way, it is necessary to compare the more complex shapes and surfaces in the welding of aluminum alloys. In the past, there are some phenomena such as pinholes, welding deformation, rough structure and so on. Therefore, we need a new technology which can achieve high quality welding, but also adapt to the production line automation.