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China should attach importance to the development of friction stir welding technology

Apr 26, 2017

China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, but the level of industrial automation in China is not high, the limited application of industrial robots. In December 30, 2013, the Ministry formally issued the "guidance" on promoting the development of the industrial robot industry, established the goal of the industrial robot industry development in our country, namely the development to meet the needs of users of industrial robot system integration technology, design technology and key parts manufacturing technology, to promote the application of large-scale demonstration of industrial robots in the field of manufacturing of automobile and ship electronic, explosive, defense industry and other important industries.

Nearly half of the world's industrial robots are used for welding. Welding robot has many advantages, such as high efficiency, high quality and stability. The flexible, automatic and intelligent welding process has become an important development trend of advanced welding equipment. The welding robot is experiencing the development from the single machine teaching reproduction mode to the multi sensor, intelligent flexible robot workstation or multi robot working group.

The advantages of friction stir welding technology

Heavy load industrial robots and advanced welding equipment integrated spindle friction stir welding, the welding operation will greatly enhance the flexibility, suitable for complex structure of space product batch welding, welding and further enhance the degree of automation and production efficiency. The use of friction stir welding robot, the flexibility of the robot is high, stable welding process and without artificial interference, therefore, the welding quality can be significantly improved, and is conducive to reducing the welding production cost. According to the statistics of foreign countries, friction stir welding of single piece welding cost is 20% lower than that of the robot. Thus, the use of friction stir welding robot in large-scale industrial production has a significant cost advantage. In addition, the main advantages of friction stir welding robot are: green energy saving and high efficiency, the welding process has no pollution; suitable for complex welded structures, such as two-dimensional and three-dimensional structure; matching external axis, the expansion of freedom robot work space; multi mode process control, such as pressure control, torque control; joint good quality, good welding process stability.