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Application of friction stir welding in automobile industry

In order to improve the capacity and speed of automobile manufacturing, showing a trend of diversification of materials, lightweight, high strength, and the proportion of Aluminum Alloy magnesium alloy, light alloy materials for more, the corresponding structure and joints are trying to improve. The invention of friction stir welding technology meets the demand of the new material and new structure to the new connection technology. Norway Hydro company uses friction stir welding technology to manufacture the automobile hub, the casting or forging of the central parts and forged aluminum spokes connected to obtain good load transfer performance and reduce weight.

The United States Tower automobile company uses friction stir welding to manufacture the automobile suspension connecting arm, which has achieved great economic benefits. Friction stir welding. In addition, the company will also friction stir welding technology for suture (Tailored welded blanks range of plate blank) manufacturing; suture blank, in optimizing the structure strength and stiffness of the design at the same time, reduces the number of die in automobile manufacture, and shorten the process.

The friction stir welding in industrial application in automobile manufacturing mainly: engine and automobile chassis bracket; automobile hub; hydraulic molding pipe accessories; car door preform; car space frame; truck body; the rear of the car lift platform truck crane; fuel tank car; car and bus travel; airport transport vehicle; motorcycle and bicycle frame; Aluminum Alloy elevator; escape vehicles; Aluminum Alloy auto repair; connection of magnesium alloy and the Aluminum Alloy.

The research and development of friction stir spot welding (FSSW) is a new hot spot in the automobile manufacturing industry